So I got a supply of A13 of which some was passed on to a buddy of mine. He says, no lie, that while breakin off a bit to stick in his piece he hears a clink clink clink *roll*......and looked down and low and behold is a dark, near black, seed.

Wonder what he should do with it? Wonder how it got there? I'm no breeder but it would seem that perhaps it is possible one of two ways: 1) stray pollen or 2) plant went too long before harvest. Am I correct in my thinking? Should he plant it or auction it?

Wish I had found it ...and actually come to think about it there had been a couple times when breaking up a spot off my supply I thought I spied the makings of a seed, not nearly formed and thought...nahhhh of course there are none...but then he got one.......

Mr T say, " I pity the foo' that has no A13 seed! "