I wanted to show you guys how I make bubble. I do it basically the same way as everyone else with a few small modifications that I feel make it some of the best I have tasted.

Here are some of the key things I feel I do a bit different.
1. I only use fresh, wet, frozen sugar leaf. I use only plant matter that is encrusted in resin we toss all fan leaves etc. For best results include as much fluff(Encrusted lower popcorn buds) in with the trim.
2. I use a slotted spoon and hand stir for a maximum of 15 minutes. 8-10 minute batches are even better and higher quality.
3. Make sure to use bagged ice that's broken into smaller pieces or flakes this will break off more heads.
4. Make smaller batches over larger ones. I prefer the 1 gallon bubble bags as I can place the ice water and weed mix in the refrigerator to pre chill. The colder the better.

Once the mix has been stirred I allow it to rest for at least 30 minutes. This allows the trichomes heads to settle to the bottom.

Removing the first bag separates the weed from the heads.

On the second run I use the 120 Ui screen. This removes plant matter but surprisingly with wet product used even the 120 is gooey and great smoke just have green flakes in it.

Now we move to the 73 Ui screen which according to the strain will be the largest amount and some of the best you will capture.

Once the bags are drained I fold into a ½ so a V is formed in the silk net. This traps all the heads in a small enough corner to scrape out with a spoon and place on the silk pressing cloth that comes with bubble bags

I also run the 25 Ui bags to capture any smaller heads or in some cases of strains having very small resins like ETF and some sativa hybrids you actually catch a good bit here.

I press as much water out as possible with paper towels smashing the pressing screen.

I place the pressing screen in the freezer this allows you to flake off the chips of bubble and I then place on wax paper to dry over night. The next day or in some cases two you can roll it into a small turd as you see here. After another day I now prefer to crumble this as it allows all moisture to dry out and makes full melt bubble.

That ends todays presentation....