OK my friends, lets face it, whenever we setup a room, we have to decide on many different options. The growing style is a major factor in determining yeild, length of flower/veg, and overall healthiness of the plants. With all the options of Bio Buckets, SOG, soil, hydro, and the never ending combinations of growing mediums, why not consider SCROG??

SCROG = SCReen Of Green

How Does It Work?? (whenever it will let me upload pics ill show ya my example)

The basic idea is to take 1 plant that would normally have 1-5 main colas, and turn it into 15-20 monster colas. How does one achieve this?

It all starts with the plant selection. Some strains do not respond to being topped, trimmed, and trained very well. Other considerations for unworty candidates are long lanky plants with not much branching. The ideal candidate is a easy cloner, that produces bushy plants. Ive never grown any Subcool genetics so i cannot use any of his strains as examples unfortunately.

Here is an example of how scrog can improve your yeild. I have a wal-mart cab with a 150 watt hps air cooled light, and i made a friend of mine the exact same cab. We each grew the same strain in our cabs, i started some Female Seeds Grapefruit and gave him a plant, and took a clone of his plant. Well he just let his grow straight up, never topped it, and yeilded 2.5 oz's total (including around 14+ grams of airy popcorn buds) . I grew the same Grapefruit plant, along with a Reefermans Romulan x Blueberry, and yeilded 3 oz's from the Grapefruit and 1 oz of the Romberry (its a low yeilder, with 2 grapefruits i coulda got 6 oz's easy)

This is off of a 150 watt hps light and 2 plants, i yeilded 4 oz's (not including smaller popcorn buds in the back i couldnt prune, about 7-10 grams im gonna use for hash)

What was my growing style you ask?? SCROG!! thats right fellas, I jerry rigged a scrog setup, i used some 1x1's and chicken wire to make the screen (staple gun to keep it in tact) and used wire coat hangers to connect it to my 10 gallon Rubbermaid aeroponic DWC tub (my friend used the same setup and exact same nutes as me same ppm)

i wish i could post pics for you guys