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    Thread: Gallery Instructions

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      Its Raining Code
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      Default Gallery Instructions


      I have finally managed to hack the gallery to allow inserts into posts/replies/pm's of photo's directly from your gallery.
      What is personal Album Gallery?

      The personal albums are a new feature added to teh latest version of vbulletin ( the software this website runs on), its supposed to be vbulletins version of a built in gallery, i would only use it for perhaps yourmy favourite pics. However we have a fully blown gallery system running alongside the forum and has been modified so you can add images from your gallery to posts, threads in the forums. ( as described below )

      How do i use the Gallery?

      Every member automaticaly gets his/her own gallery space to allow you to store unlimited images of your plants to share with the rest of the BBaY members, you simply click on the link to the Gallery located in the top navigation bar or just click on an image on the index page which will also take you directly to the gallery index...

      How do i log in?

      You only need to loginto BBaY forum index, which will automatically log you into your gallery space within the gallery .. when on gallery index, you should see an upload link (top right), simply click it to open the upload page, which again should be displaying your username ready to upload by using the browse buttons into your gallery folder.. you can also make a private folder from which only you can view images.

      How do i get pictures into the posts within the

      When you click either New Thread or Reply buttons you will open the editor screen which has a emoticon (smilies) box located to the right, under this you will see a link to MY PICS, 1st click your cursor into the text entry window within the editor and then click my pics button , this will open a popup browser from where you post images into your threads/posts/replies or private messages. Simply choose how you would like each image displayed before clicking it... there is a drop down menu with options to either post your image as

      1, original image - displays image at true size (max 800x600)

      2, image - linked to gallery when clicked.

      3, only - just places a small 100x100 image of original... not clickable..

      4, - to full size in new window

      You can also position the text inline or left/right justified or even centred.Just remenber to click your cursor into the text window before clicking any images... or it may display your image on index page above logo which is not allowed... this is a small bug we are working on....

      Please enjoy

      Last edited by pistils; 27th October 2008 at 10:31 PM.

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