well folks i finally made it in here so with that a very big how doo form me to u all in the cyber world. i mourn u all over in CW maybe someday they shall come out once again to share their grow logs and talk as if this plant they want extinct was legal . that's something i wish. the battle is no way over u croonies. i dont have much to contribute to this growing world for now. i'm in school and learning something things here and there. as all great leaders i leave but i will lurke around and come back a victories grow with the passion of sativa dom's. with that i leave my name bravo and look for the woman who was meant to be by my side as i wake, sleep and die by myside. yes, her name marijuana someone who has awaken my soul making me feel as if the world is mine. borrowed to some fools that are making it weak and shamefull. the other's i love who are trying their best. and for that i love u all. off i go,bravo