What up BBay, really enjoying viewing the posts round here while sucking up as much info as possible. I'm working on my own room as well and still conceptualizing the system. I will have one flower champer and one veg chamber, both utilizing hydroponics. I'm going to throw my ideas out and if anyone with knowledge and experience has 2 cents to add, please do so.

I've pretty much decided on an E&F system for my flower room. Either a system consisting of one rez with a 2x4 tray or two rezes with two smaller trays so I can experiment with nutes. Time and ease is a huge consideration, so I am leaning towards the one tray one res setup.

My veg room will have a few momma plants, an EZ clone machine and plants that will be vegged out for a week or two. I'm thinking of using a DIY DWC system for mom's and vegges. However, I did come acrosss the Hydrofarm Rainforest which looks pretty damn appealing. From the multitude of basket options, it seems that I would be able to grow three decent sized mommas in this system utilizing the 6" baskets and in the other three spaces use either 2" or 3" baskets for the plants in veg stage. This is appealing being that I would only have to take care of one resevoir. I know aeroponics is generally high maintenance but with the single vortex sprayer i thought this system might be more manageable. I also have the option of hooking two of these units if I so desire to a texas controller. Another similar model is the Eco Grower which uses a drip system. Anyone with any experience with either of these??

This setup looks ideal in that when the vegged plants and mommas are ready to be flowered, I can just pull up the basket they are in and place those in the 2x4 E&F tray. I'm sure the baskets will be placed in another container suitable for E&F.

I'm sure I may be overlooking some things and might have to reconsider a few others. Still just sketching all this out in my mind while the room is underconstruction. Any ideas, hints, suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated....all 2 cents welcome.

here are some links to the mentioned systems...