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    Thread: Expo Bus Ganja Design Stage 1

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      Default Expo Bus Ganja Design Stage 1

      Well folks, we have been busy little bee's, we havent added any news about Our Cannabus... The BreedBaY Tour Bus, well, i have a nearly finished design for the paintwork done..
      We have sorted out the mechanics and registration documents, insurance etc... and now we are ready to get the Painwork done..

      stage 1.. Professional coachbuilder paintshop will replace any damages scratched, dented panels and basically rub it down, fill any unwanted profiles, sand till smooth as glass and then primer the whole bus in an undercoat...

      Stage 2.. Graffitti Artist is going to town to add the green leaf effect and the black shading effects and a few permanent logo's, including a couple of TGA logo's and DNA too (SO dont fret subby, i got it covered..
      Stage 3.. Sealed and polished... sprayed with a sealant to lock in the grafffitti painwork and add a gloss sheen finish... damn i can't wait...

      But heres a shot of how it will look.. then we have the inside to do, we are fitting a kitchen downstairs,and coffee counter with professional cappuccino machines and display fridge for cookies and cakes, and you know that they will sell with a top deck full of chilled out potheads relaxing in the lazy lounge...

      i can rotate 3 diff adverts on the old number changing system front and back, so TGA, the molecule logo and recessive genetics sign, all rotating displaying each for 5 seconds and so on.. should be cool..as will be backlit... I'll update this post with more pics as the work is carried out... but we are waiting for the weather to turn a little milder before we start doing some all nigh sessions on kitting it out..
      We will probably use the bottom level windows as advertising signs backlit which we will rent to interested Canna related Businesses as we will be visiting all the major festivals over the summer period. we are still praying the Dutch Government will allow us near the Cannabis Cup in Holland, we are hoping they can find us a tram free route in.. as the height is a problem due to the overhead tramlines, but we live in hope....

      Can't wait till we are driving this around the UK, Heads are gonna turn...lol
      Last edited by pistils; 4th March 2006 at 06:24 PM.
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