Today Subcool, SunyCheba, SunyCheba Jr. and I decided to take a stoner retreat to the top of Stoner Mountain! We packed up the pot, bubbler and a camera.
The drive is about 30 minutes from our door to the tip-top.

As we got to the top of the mountain, we were in for a spectacular breathtaking view.

Somehow on the way up we managed to get a piece of metal or something hard and sharp, stuck into the tire of SunyCheba's brand new vehicle. Subcool and SunyCheba changed it quite quickly, while SunyCheba Jr. splashed in a nearby puddle... supervised of course!

A quick toke with MzJill.

Mr Subcool has a toke!

Yes I know we all look somewhat like our faces have been distorted...well they have been distorted... we aren't that scary looking!

Mr. SunyCheba has a look at the view and takes a pic for later!

Feeling stoned from some Jack's Cleaner and refreshed by the clean air and beauty surrounding us... time for one last look and a trip back home!

SunyCheba and Subcool....

MzJill and Subcool....

Peace & Kindness,