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    Thread: A look at my chamber and some new toys.....

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      Default A look at my chamber and some new toys.....

      Over the past week I have been busy adding some new kit to my 1.2m squared grow chamber.

      Before I added the new toys I had a 6" 500 metres per hour intake fan drawing in cool air from a room next door running on half speed, and another of the same sized fan attached to an 8" carbon Phat filter mounted at the top of the grow room drawing hot air out via a 6" air cooled shade. I have now added an additional 4" metal VT100L fan and a 4" Mountain air filter to assist the extraction and also cause I am growing some stinky strains at the moment. I have now also notched the intake up to full speed because of the extra extraction and added a passive 4" duct intake.
      Both the 6" and 4" fans are ducted to a window which is sealed off by a board of MDF which screwd over it and siliconed all around the edges so as to stop any air escaping back into the room. The windows the other side of the board are inconspicuously open a crack all the way round and added vents in the top of the window frame also allow air to escape freeley.

      The other piece of kit I have added is an Eco Technics Evolution tempreture controller, which really is a brilliant tool, deadly accurate aswell. It has a remote tempreture sensor on a wire that can be mounted anyware in the grow space, it is really sensitive and the tempreture constantly reads out on the digital display in the ain wall mounted unit.
      There are 2 controllable outlets on the main unit; one for heating devices and one for cooling devices extractors/aircons etc, capable of handling a total load of 3Kw each.
      You can either hard wire a single fan and heater to each outlet, or better still simply get a couple of trailing sockets like on an extension lead with a 13amp fuse and wire one to each outlet, Just remember not to exceed the total load of 3Kw with the devices that you plug in.
      Once its all wired in and the fans/heater are pluged in you simply set the tempreture that you want the extractor to kick in which i have set to 24C/75F and also the tempreture at which you want a heater if desired to come on. The unit then constantly monitors the room and switches on and off the extraction/heater as and when required. I have set the room so the 4" fan is wired to the lighting contactor running constantly through the day supplying fresh air, the other 6" in and out let fans are wired via the tempreture controller so as to kick in when the temps reach over 24C and get it back down to acceptable levels.

      The last added tool i have in the room is a Fogger or MistMaker which is on loan to me from Pistils. It sits in a bucket of water on a float so that as the water level drops it drops with it. On the Fogger itself there are 3 discs that are constantly vibrating whilst suspended just below the water level, these sonic vibrations break the surface tension of the water and atomise it into a cool mist of humidity that is great for rooting clones and the veg stage.
      I added the fogger because the humidity in the room was sticking at 30% these last few weeks, and I know the plants veg better in 50-60%.
      The bucket containing the foggers water has to be refilled each day and sues 10L a time.

      Peace Chronical
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      Any posts made by me are purely fictional in nature and by no means is anything I say to be taken seriously. I do not grow or condone the growing of anything not legal. Any and all pictures I post are pictures widley available on the internet and any discussions I am involved in are purely hypothetical or are commentary in nature and should not constitute advice or be considered advice to assist in activities that are deemed illegal.

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