Howdy Folks,
This is kinda like shoppin' for a new home after the county just imposed iminient domain over the family farm.
Looking for a mellow crowd of dedicated intillegent growers that share ideas and not blast others ideas.

About me; 50 y/o Stoner that has been around a couple of different blocks on this journey through time and space. Started growing again last year ater 25 year absence. Grow for the medicinal affects for sure, as the human machine shows the ravages of time and disregard. But I plain ole' like to get high and grow and that is just a part of who I am.

Hard part is, having had a professional life where this information is highly guarded, I don't have a lot of friends that indulge and one that knows I grow. Kinda like a double life that sometimes can get a little isolated.

I do have one friend that grows but doesn't partake of the ceremony and therefore doesn't care about the quality aspect of his wares. To watch some of the things he does to his girls, is akin to abuse. With the knowlege from others at places like this, and now experience, I have started helping him with some better genetics and newer botanical information than he operates on. It was nice to find someone to have those conversations with.

Well, I think I'll cruise around a bit and hope ya all have a safe day.

PS Be harvesting a "Room Full of BOG" this week and will put out a thread showing my Sour Bubble bx1 room