Ok before I start this strain is NOT available currently.
We have had some problems getting mom to take but we have one seeded now.
I am also in mid making A-13 X JTR a strain that will be similar BUT, this is a winner for sure. I can't explain the subtle differences between the JC crosses there all slightly different.
This hybrid cutting form Cheba is much more dense than the the mother A-13 and much larger as well. It has a mango/lemon smell great how many fucking times can I use that to decribe these two?
lets see if I can do better.

Down in Florida they make this stuff called Gatoraid, it's mostly water but it built the Dr that came up with it a big ass house I put 20 tons of heating and cooling in.

They made and off shoot called gator gum, it had a fruity, lemony taste that reminds me of this cross.

Remember Bubblelicious? They had a Lemon/ Fruit flavor that was also close.

Its D A N K

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Great find Suny I think I'll be keeping her!