Hi everybody. I used to post under this handle on OG, needless to say I was pretty broken up about it shutting down. I then made my way over to doc's site, but after Subcool left (my favorite breeder, or at least favorite bud photographer), I had to follow. So I've decided to make BBay my home. They sure do have some good deals! I made my first purchase through cannaseur, and got a great deal on Sub's DPD plus a resin pack. Had some problems with germination (Probably cuz its too damn cold up here in the PNW to try germinating seeds at the end of december) and eventually planted 4 seeds. I culled two of them that showed male preflowers, so now I have one SpaceJill (fem.) and one DPD (yet to show sex). I have topped and trained them, and I plan on dropping into 12/12 in about 3 weeks. I'll make sure to start posting pics once they get some buds on em. This is my first nonbagseed grow, and my fifth grow overall. Wish me luck, and best luck to all of you as well! Here are a couple pics from my last grow.