or is it evacuee?i don't want to offend anyone.after the RC fallout,i have decided to call breedbay home.icmag was a no brainer,never have liked that bunch.the dr.is cool,but after having my only 2 shipments from him seized by customs,i decided maybe that wasn't the place for me.call me superstitious.so that leads me here.the primary reason for choosing this site is simple.SUBCOOL.i followed his gear at og,then followed him to doc's place,and now here we are.the vibe around here seems alot more positive,too.so i say hello to all of you.i hope i can count on you guys for any input or answers to any questions i might have.i will offer the same,without the condescending attitude of some of the other sites,to anyone who asks.i don't want another og.i just want a place where when can co-exist with a mutual respect for each others abilities and interests.shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.we already have at least one thing in common