Ok peeps, Dont laugh.. i would very mush like to see if its possible to bonsai a cannabis plant!.. i have seen a few examples around the net, but id like to know if anyone has any experience with this. When i used to work for a plant wholesale nursey we had a bonsai specialist who i would question as to his methods, as his bonsai plants used to retail for upto £8000 , yes thats $16000!!

my main interest was how do youi get a plant to only grow small leaves permanently, he informed me that the way its done is simply removing 80% of teh large fan leaves from a plant as soon as they are created, after a few months, some plants will decide its not receiving any energy back from creating large leaves and starts to push out only small leaflets, this plant can now be ciut back to a stump with a few leaves remaining and then the slow process of training the plant to your desired shape starts, this can take years with aslow growing plant but shouldnt take too long with cannabis.. my main question, is?> has anyone ever created a small leaved plant by heavy pruning? i think the term is japonica..

I have a krowberry that has formed a gnarly fat stem on a cutting sized plant, im thinking of training this into a nice shape and constantly remove its larger leaves.