That I inform all of you that another site is offline. Rick
The administrator over at has decided to pull the plug on the servers.. I think his statement below pretty much sums it up

My Dear Friends, I miss you all so very much already.
I tearfully have to inform you of my decision to end the HempCultivation.Com Community. I've always held our Communities security as the most important aspect of my position as developer. I can no longer feel as though this Community is safe & secure. I assure you, we've had no security compromise. This a proactive move based on my own decisions.
I have consulted family, friends and business partners regarding this decision and I have taken all their advice to heart. I'm thankful I have them here for me. This decision has not come easily for me. As many of you know, HempCultivation.Com was my garden. I now understand what it means to have to destroy something you love so much. I'm sorry for everyone else who is doing the same.
I'll be immediately deleting all information from HempCultivation.Com server and physically removing the server from the collocation site. You're identities have always been and will always continue to be safe with me. And for your trust you have shown over me for the past 5 years, I am truly grateful to each and every one of you. It's heartwarming to think of the friends I've had because of our HempCultivation.Com.
I can no longer guarantee that I can protect you and our community. You all deserve much better and for that I am sorry. I hope you all can understand the reasons behind this decision and how much it pains to me make it.
Be Safe
I love you all~
P.S. I'll setup a forum on Marijuana.Com for meets and greets - EDIT: After some good advice from a concerned friend I've decided to encrypt and relocate the HempCultivation.Com database until I have a chance to sit down and speak with a lawyer and ensure that we are not in any violation of Federal or International laws, including RICO and MAPA Acts.