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    Thread: Sour Saver 2.5 *bong* Report

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      Default Sour Saver 2.5, Cappuccino, Yarkoum *bong* Report

      Garden Details
      Light: 250w hps
      Nutes: Fox Farm-Grow Big and Seabird guano (veg) and Fox Farm BigBloom (flower)
      Medium: Soil
      Grow Method: Topping and breakin inside of branches
      Veg time: A long ass time lol. Had a few probs in the begining of veg.
      Flower time: 9weeks

      Sour Saver 2.5 Smoke Report

      Breeders Description: (Swan Song Seeds) 2 of my favorite breeders crossed out.... rez's sour diesel and bog's lifesaver are sure to please. the flower times are 8 weeks and if a kick ass expansion level and sour strawberry flavor turn you on, sour saver is for you ~

      Appearance/ Texture: Lime dark green, orange hairs, rock solid buds, breaks out to a lot. Crazy ass colors towards the end of flower. Reds purples, greens, yellow. Very cool looking.

      Taste: Skunky on the inhale and on the exhale its skunky,fruity, and sorta has a lifesaver taste. Very tasty herb for sure mmmmm

      Smell: Like the taste. Here's a few words to describe the smell. Skunky, sweet, fruity, lifesavers.

      High: Comes on fast in the head with the first couple tokes. Keep tokin and you'll be locked to the couch but your head will feel likes it floatin away from your shoulders. Eye lids will be feelin real heavy. Feels like ya took a muscle relaxer. Puts a smile of my face. Usually toke it at night or else i'll be nappin all day.

      Medical Properties: Works well for insomnia and body aches.

      Cappuccino Smoke Report

      Breeders Description: From Swan Song Seeds - Prime bud for wake and bake sessions. You'll note a hint of rich roast with solid expansion in the toke. The Sour Saver queen used in this cross had very dense calyxes climbing over one another giving her a beautiful look. We've brushed her with our Petrol pollen for this red eyed run.

      Appearance/ Texture: dark green,reddish/ orange hairs, rock solid buds even denser then the sour saver buds, breaks out to a lot. Crazy ass color towards the end of flower dark purple almost black, greens, yellow.

      Taste: spicy, hash, skunky the name says it all. Has sort of a mocha cappuccino taste mmm mmm good.

      Smell: Not much odor, although the clones are giving off more of a scent this time in flower.

      High: Only takes a couple *bong* hits to really start feeling it. It's pretty expansive smoke but doesn't make me cough to bad. The high starts off in the head. At first it has a racy/ paranoia effect but that quickly goes away. Also every time I take a hit, I get a fat head rush. Sort of feels like someones rubbing your head. IF ya smoke more than a bowl you'll get a real heavy body stone but the head buzz stays with ya the whole time. I was really impressed on how long it lasted. A bowl will keep me stoned for a good 3 hrs. Def. my favorite plant in the garden now.

      Medical Properties: Works well for insomnia and body aches. When I toke it at night it can knock me out quick.

      Yarkoum Smoke Report

      Breeders Description:Cross established from Pakistani genetics, originating from the Citral valley. Crossed to improve cristallisation, it produces impressive colas. Its Pakistani ancestor gave it its resistance and its robustness. That part of her heritage makes it very tolerant and easy to grow. With its powerful blackcurrent flavour, this strain is very pleasant and a true novelty.

      Appearance/ Texture: Bright orange hairs, light-medium green colored buds, rock hard nugs

      Taste: Citrus, bubblegum, berry, green pares, roasted almonds. Quite a few pleasent layers of taste. Lingers on the toungue long after tokin.

      Smell: Skunky berry smell.

      High: First couple hits you feel your eyes squint and quickly moves into your whole body. Very relaxing stone. Makes my legs feel like there stuck when im laying down with a tingly sensation. A good indica stone with real high yeilds, and a unique taste made this strain a pleasure to grow and toke. Very stable strain. Not sure what female to keep around yet cause theres little to no variation in this one. Nice job Kerala.

      Medical Properties: Insomnia and anti anxiety.

      (i'll upload some pics of the yarkoum soon)

      Peace and *bong* friends
      Last edited by DeviLock; 1st March 2006 at 04:29 AM.

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