y'all check this shite out

tried to get the best pics we could. This is some frosty as weed y'all.

our attempt at smoke report

grown in soil by a friend...more details ask her

bag appeal : very nice, bright green and nice rusty red hairs, very frosty.

smell : musky fruit, sweet but not sharply so.

taste: on the intake, I thot it was kinda sour, Katz said it was perfumey. Go figure.....

exhale : chocolate, maybe a little overcooked? was very tasty, not unpleasant at all.

lung expansion: not severe, we don't like weed that expands ya so bad it almost hurts, so this was great for us.

Stone: EXTREMELY good. We looked at it under the 30x loupe, and the trichs was cloudy and mostly amber. Did 2 hits, and very mellow relaxing buzz. Head feels light, everything is warm and glowing, yeah baby this is great pot.

med use: not smoking it for med right now, will let ya know next time the back or arthur or knees or whatever hurts. Just a n extremely nice relaxing buzz. Overuse will couchlock gauranteed.