Well it's amazing to see what a house fire can do to bring the community together.I first would like to say thank you to the Breedbay Community and staff for the warm welcome of us refugee's. We all once had such happy home filled with love and respect and sharing but POLITICS got in the way of what we wanted to share, PASSION the undying passion to grow for the love of the weed and to share our knowledge and learn from whomever how to do it better,the day I quit learning is the day I want them to put me in the ground.

I now can only hope we haved found a new HOME to share our craft. Between Teresa's tree's Babba's bushes and my little shrubs we can prove that YES we got the passion and all we want to do is Share The Love.

Now how much do we all need to pitch in to get a chat room going so that the sharing of the love can begin? Now bring on the Chanting Thread.

Have A Nice Day