Just a friendly hello from a new couple,

Wishing you all happy holi-daze and looking forward to getting to know you all and getting any/all advice to some fairly new growers(hydro basically).we've had a few good harvests and a few problems in the learning process as well.we're fond of the indica strains due to lack of heighth in our stealth sheds and being "old school" users, prefer the "couchlock" effect on consumption.in those days,if it didn't lay you out,it was bunkweed..lol.one of our worst problems (which was an unpleasant surprise) was the discovery of the dreaded "hermies".we're curious if this is a genetically inherited problem or if some strains are more vulnerable than others etc.

oh well...enough "shop-talk"....enjoy your christmas and have a safe,fun new years everyone.

blab at you all later,