Hi and respect going out to the TGA crew.

One Love...One Love.....love all the strains.

I would like to know which strains under optimum environment will
yield best and have a nice balanced high.

I need them for med's for some ill folks and friends and find it so hard to choose the best ones to grow potency wise aswell as quantity.
I know its connoseur quality and quantity isnt so important but it is if your growing in a apartment and space is a concern as i can only do 10 at a time.

So you see my dilemar.......my list so far is : drum roll

1.Soul Cleaner
2.Jack the ripper
3.jilly bean
4.lemon freeze

all in that order. Please choose the ones you would choose for people with nerve damage and taste is most important than high (stronger the better).

Sorry for the rant but this is important.

thanks for any input as we need some meds as my patients are ill.

thank you

peace x