High there. Heres what i got flowering right now. 9 plants total. Got em all under 1 250w hps. Next grow is gonna be all single colas. Should work out better that way

Sour Saver- SOur D x life saver (zeppelindood)
Cappuccino- Petrol x sour saver (zepp)
Green Goddess x M.L.I. (zepp)
Yarkoum (tiki seedbank)- pakistani genes

For veg i just used fox farm grow big, for flowering im using fox farm big bloom. Next grow i think i might try some different nutes.

Heres some pics. There mid way through flowering now.

Yarkoum #1

Yarkoum #2

Yarkoum #3

G.G. x M.L.I.


Sour Saver 2.5

Peace and *bong* friends