This strain is my beloved Soul Cleaner (Apollo13 x Jacks Cleaner Blueberry). Both parents are exceptional and have outstanding qualities that are gracefully displayed through the general population. The mother is an extremely resinous motivational powerhouse that needs no introduction and is used in a few TGA pieces. The father is a strong resinous citrus berry male that has strong Jacks Cleaner qualities. Soul Cleaner is a very sweet citrus like strain with a touch of berries. Her above average yields with dense flowers that don't loose their size when dried also make her a queen.

General flower time ranges from 7-9 weeks

Mostly Sativa

Flower type is cone to spear like with large swelling head kolas

High is nicely balanced has great proven medicinal benefits including Pain, Muscle cramps, nausea, seizures, eating disorders and anxiety to name a few

This Clone you see here was well chosen for her outstanding qualities and ideal Soul Cleaner image I had in mind during conception. She not only was the flat out best smoke of the initial group of female but her 49 day finish time is superb.