Im Making a new growroom, its 3 X 3 X 7 made out of different fabrics (3).
Similar to a grow tent. but this one is fireproof, lightproof, waterproof, and foolproof...

Its being build threw phases, the first phase was to make the box. (its being made, it was hard to find the fabrics).

And the structure is made of reinforced PVC of 1".

Its gonna be holding a 400 watt light, (cool tube with a digit ballast).

The system that is gonna be used inside is the General Hydroponics Rain forest.

Once im totally done ill show you all the pictures and all as well with the price.

Seems like its gonna be a little expensive but its a "perfect" setup. for my needs of course.

I belive that you caould build 2 set ups like this, and you would have one amazing perpetual!11