After 30 years of growing, I've got to say this crop has been the most bizarre and stressful.
Shortly after the RC/OG disaster started to rock the community, my best bud got popped. As I was at his place often, including 3 hours before the cops took the door, I felt my security might not be the best and re-located everything to a "safe" location.
Everything was going well till yesterday when I got a panic call from the friend who was helping me out. His landlord has sold his house and the new owner wanted a full inspection today.
Yahoo, here we go again. Plants are carefully loaded into wardrobe robe boxes and packed into the back of my truck. Now its time for the worlds most law abiding drive thru the city and back up the hill to home. Luckily, by now I know its safe to bring things back to the crib.
The trip up the mountain was uneventful, and the room is back in order and the ladies are all looking great.
Its times like these that add that little bit of spice that keeps life interesting.
You can see pix of the gals after their return, in subcool/TGA forum - Killer Queen x Sputnik.