Cheese x haze G13 x Haze Test results

Well, its taken me an age to get to actually post these pics and thankfully now my power is back to normal and im not running a disco room the plants are really looking good, i have noticed a little thrip damage which i have treated with a mild neem solution which i will be repeated until they are fed up and move. ( neem actually contains tons of trace elements which actually feeds your plant as well as protect it) I have a number of seedlings at day 18 veg, flood fed on tables 2 x a day, most are still in their small pots until a better root system develops as i keep forgetting to take voodoo juice.. but still things are looking up..

Here we have a Void at day 18

Heres the spacequeen mom after a reveg under 24hr light - this was one of the effected plants rescued from the disco.

A group shot of all teh seedlings including teh haze hybrids and cheeseboy F2's

Heres a few plants i repotted to keep as mothers the ones i can remember at the moment are:

  • 2 x Krowberry
  • 3 x Cheese
  • 2 x Pot Of Gold

A Deep Purple baby at day 18

to be continued..