Chocolate Melt is a recipe I pretty much perfected over time with plenty of trial and error. Originally I got the Idea by over cooking a batch one day and as time went by I dialed the process down. Being picky really about my organics I wont have anything to do with chemicals if at all avoidable. I have tried them all ISO,BHO,Acetone but the one thing that always reigns over those is Grain Alcohol Aka Eveclear or Moonshine 180% Proof or above. This is a bit more expensive than the other methods but is the champagne of oil's. I really always had a hard time with Honey oil and others being so harsh and typically leaving me with heavy feeling lungs for a few days after.

I prefer to use only fine sugar leaf and about the lower 1/3 to1/4 of all plants. I stop at about this are of the plants and don't cut the buds off and use them for my hashes. This gives it the extra kick always but is not necessary. We take our trim and wrap it in some newspaper stick it in the icebox for a two hours. This lets the trichomes to freeze and dissolve easier; although this can be done with dry materials I prefer the frozen.

A fifth of Alcohol comes in handy and can be used for 2 nice sized batched and a bit extra to clean with. I find it great to clean the Kif box or Bubble press screens when they get a bit to gooey. This is also great on any electronic surfaces such as motherboards, keyboards..Etc if you ever need to clean any such device.