Hello everyone.
A few years ago in 2001, Nol, Owner of the Willie Wortels Sativa, Willie Wortels, Indica, and Willie wortels Sinsemillia held a Cannaquiz.
These Coffeshop are in Haarlem, Holland.

Well the prize of this fantastic Cannaquiz was an all expenses paid, 8 day Cannatrip, that included flights, hotel, and a briefcase full of cannabis and cannabis paraphanalia.

And I was the lucky Cannawinner!

So that was the most fantastic 8 day holliday that I have ever had - and the most incredible thing about it was that i had won it.

Me and my friend spent 8 days smoking away with Nol, and Nol's partner, going to growshops, going on the Doordste Weed cup (which was a weed cup on a boat travelling from Dordrecht to Rotterdam and then back again) Going around Holland, going to a secret grow place.
And All this going around was in a puff and cloud of the smoke from the best weeds and hash that Nol and the Willie Wortels shops has to offer- The best weeds and hash in Holland. - and i never paid for any of it.

I was over on other sites under a different name- but decided that seeing as I was extremely weedwise which won me my title then my Nik should be Cannawinner.

So High to everyone and I am happy to come to this site, and thankyou for having me here.