I just realized that my original introduction was lost a while back so here I am introducing myself again.

I'm not as pretty as mz.Jill or Cannababe, so I'll skip the picture part. LOL I'll just tell you a little about myself and my grow. I started trying to grow in the late 70's. The reason I say trying is because in those days, we pretty much had to figure everything out ourselves, and I tell you, we missed the mark badly on the indoor grows. LOL Our outdoor efforts were a little better, but not the quality we enjoy today. That was during the time when "homegrown" was a bad thing, something you were ashamed to bring out at parties.

My how times have changed. I've been a serious indoor grower for about 4 years now I would have to guess. I started out planning to use floros, but quickly changed my mind. We bought an HPS for that bloom, and a MH for the next crop of veg plants.
We have built a custom grow room with a hybrid hydro system. I can't give all the details on it's location, because of security issues, but I will describe it the best I can.

The entrance to our grow area is a 4x6' room that houses our moms, and a breeding cabinet. The cabinet is a white shelving unit that I have modified. It has 4 units that are sealed from each other, each with it's own air intake and each exhaust has a small carbon filter.

We used a pocket door between the two rooms, they are awesome for light traps. The main room is 13x18', and is divided into an 13x13 bloom room and the remaining 5' x 13' area was used for a veg room and drying room.

We dug troughs into the floors for these rooms for our res tanks, then poured the whole floor with a concrete slab. Our system has racks that can be raised and lowered by a pulley system. We have 2 troughs in our bloom area and each is 3'x10', and one in the veg area which is 6'x4'. We have 12 sites for plants in each trough in bloom, 20 in veg
We designed our racks so that the holes would be quite a bit larger than the net pots and the pots would have collars around them so we could easily move the plants from the veg room to the bloom room without damaging the roots. The frames also hold misters located at the base of each pot. This aids in the plants rooting well to the pot, and also delivers fresh nutrients to the roots above the water line. In the res, we also have air pumps going to give even more oxygen to the roots.
We have a 1k MH in a cool tube in the veg room and 2K HPS per trough. At the moment we don't have the bloom room running hydro plants, we have some soil ones in pots, sitting in the trough with 2K HPS over them. Our veg room is a couple of weeks from being moved to the other trough and another 2k going there.
Perhaps at that point I will be able to show some pictures of the setup. Right now my camera is acting retarded.

Well, that's about it I think. It has been a pleasure to meet everyone here, and I look forward to the success of our community.