These are pictures from one of my trips to the cup. This was 2001 and as usual back then if I went somewhere it was with Danny Blunt. We start our little expose of Amsterdam in the Green House Effect at the perfect time.

Amsterdam is a fun place with a amazing assortment of cannabis and hash. I used to think all weed there sucked but just like anywhere there are guys that know there shit and guys that grow for size. The hash there is spectacular and some of my favorites are Malana Cream from Bluebird or Dampkring, Thwizla from Dutch Flowers, and Bubble from Katzu.

The cup is the best time to get great weed and meet people but maybe the best time to go is new years we went for 2000 and Holy shit we wont be showing those pics

Ok so this is a sex shop and danny was a pretty modest guy but this was just a cool shot

We stop off at barney's for the great breakfast. I honestly think this guy wins cups with good weed and bacon and eggs!

This giant 12 foot plant is actually at pax party house growing in Hemp Fiber. Eagle Bill was showing it off we will see his big ass hippity hop sized vaporizer later

So we stop off at Rookies and have a few puffs with Coffee.
Blunt enjoys some cup entry samples.

We spent the day smoking Ice 2000 ( Shit made me Vibrate) and Sweet tooth from barneys.

More coming stupid dial up.
You must take a bonghit while waiting