Hey guys.

Well first of all i posted this thread so you all remembered how it felt when we got invaded. We were incredibly pissed because all the trolls the flamers, and ending it all up, with the house on flames.

We have been moving here, a friendly kind comunity, willing to help each other, in the good and in the bad ones.

Keep in mind where you are coming from, and thanks to whom you learned a lot, and you got all those genetics from. Keep in mind we are now in somebody elses house, and as that we HAVE to respect it in every single sence.

We are part of the cannabis crusade. Therefore we have to treat all our equals with all the respect as you want them to respect you. Please dont ashame your house, and your seal.

therefor my name is MARIMBAS ICMAG, and i encorage everyone to honour that in the house of our hosts. Pistils, Subcool, and the others!!!