These are two Sag DiamondHeads and are at day 30 of 12/12.
I think another 30 days but then i like to see amber trics in there.
When in daubt i will use my trusty scope for reasurance.

Sags Description :

Our Flow and a wonderful crystal-laden beauty from the Big Island have been united to form a powerful purple pineapple plant that will please any big kahoona. The flavor has a sativa sweetness that melts on the tongue as it comes thru the bong. The high is soaring at first and then levels out to a meditative buzz indicative of our typical Flow.

With Diamond Head in your crops, you will have the greatest pokalolo props!

Type: Sativa - Indica, indoor
Vegetate until: 4 - 7 internodes.
Flowering time: 50 - 55 days.
Average height: 1 meter.
Yield: 300 - 350 grams / m² (dried, indoor).
High: relaxing and focused.
Taste: sweet and fruity.

Sounds good to me but i have two destinct pheno's.
The first one with dark leaves and thinner blades and the taller and much prouder looking DH. I believe the smaller more spindly one is leaning towards the Hawaian Genotype and the Taller the Flow but I may be wrong.

Feeding :

Advanced Nutes Iguana Juice (veg)
Advanced Nutes Dr Hornby's Big Bud (flowring)
Vintage Bat Guano

Soil :

Bio Bizz All Mix

I will update as this get going so hope u like em .