**Thanks to Oscilate for saving these pictures all these years for me and for turning me onto Photography. These were taken from 2000- 2001 prior to my incarceration these pictures were rescued and most have never been seen before by anyone with the exception a few famous pics from OG**

Long Long ago in a Galaxy far away there lived a humble farmer, I grew my fruits and sold them to locals and everything was good. I added C02 and my harvest went through the roof. I was pulling down 60-70 zipps every 60 days using a three room set up.

Life was good and elbos went for 6K and everyone had red eyes. I had to meet some new folks as I had weight just sitting around I ended up feeding a rat and you know the rest.

I did my time for the crime so it ain't no biggie to rap about it

First up is pics of Bubbi's Apollo-13. This is the same clone I have now but I lost this in the bust and it was returned to me by a good friend. When I outcrossed it I caused a few waves as it was regarded somewhat as a scared cutting but hell I had a copy from Sly himself here is the visuals on it but I am glad to say its all good now I sent out gifts and everyones happy.

Hang on Tight it's going to be a BIG show!