Woooooohooooooo! Just wanted to update everyone on our quaint little site here as today we have topped the 400 Member Mark and growing!!

I joined just about a month ago and I believe I was #285 or 286. So we are growing at a rate of about 100-125 people a week. That's a nice growth curve adding about 3-4 new members everyday.

It's very cool to be a part of the nucleus of such a wonderful new site and I think it speaks volumes about our main man, Pistils, here. No question that Breedbay is a reflection of our host and in the short month that I've been here he's been supportive of all the members, working tirelessly to bring new features to the site and, in general, just seems to be one helluva a guy!

So, as we celebrate this new milestone for Breedbay, let's stop down for a moment and give the proper "props" to our most gracious host, Pistils. Here's to all you do, my brotha. May the winds of change in the cannabis industry fill your sails and take you to new ports-o-call safely, my friend!