Heres one for the book of sht happens. These pix of buds all most got away.
Heres what happend, Last fall rite around terky day I whent and harvested my last two plants one sativa and one indaca. I worked as a welder at a fence co.. Ihad just moved out of my inlaws house(only been there for 2 mon) into a new house.retal. And I did not have a place to dry my smoke. So I took it to work, they had emty shed out back. Thout it would be a great place to dry it out.Boy was I wrong some kids found my stash.(sht fck dmn). Then to top that the asshole I was working for went out of business,let me go. Tuesday I called the guy that he worked for after he shut down. It seams he took off oweing 70000.00$ so he needed a welder. I took over the shop,went out back and to my amazement there was a box under a truck bed with qp of the skunk weed,this is the sht,sk/feul taste killer in the head wacking sht. Buzz last for hours,a great working bud.
My luck has changed and its about time. The killer of the deal I had a killer male that i litely dusted her with. There is not meney seeds but the ones I have will be killer I hope. I am going to do a thread on them. That I think that they will be something to see. Sorry for the long read but I had to tell someone and you people are my new freinds, so I am sharing this.
peace THCstaind