This Cali homegrown of mine.. (i have no idea of what strain they are).. helps with the arthritis alittle. I prefer weed in food.

I was luck enough to try cookies of Sub and MzJill. He told me to stick to 1/2 a cookie.. I didn't listen. I took 1/2. Waited an hour..and felt good. And thought to myself.. hmm. just another 1/4. Man... (thats me next day) I was in a coma for a day after that.

After that, it was only 1/4 at a time. Sub/MzJill.. what kind of weed was used? Man.. that is some potient stuff

Thank you all for showing me real dank... not this east coast shawg. (Though I have tried some good weed from BC.. with orange hairs.)