A strain of my own creation , muahahahaha.... I think t's pretty good. Figure i'd post a showcase of her as she goes this round... which I'll start from the end of last run and will bring up to date as I go.

A little desciption of the specimine.

taste is .... different, definatly not bad after a cure.... questionable after only a quick dry.... i've been told it has made peoples tounge/mouth numb by friends as they smoked with me ...... I can kind of understand what they are talking about i think... but guess i've never been "numbed" myself , or at least not enough to describe it as numb..... she is almost "tinny"? electric with a flowery kushy undertone

Smoke is very very smooth, even grown in semi organic hydro it turns out tastey and not too chokey.

Yield has something to be desired... I pulled a little over 2 oz off of the initial trial run.

initial trial run dried , uncured bud....

more pics to follow...