Hi my name is Jim. I've been online since about 95'/96'. Brefore that I was on BBS'. I am a Disabled Veteran from the First Persian Gulf.

I smoke weed and especially like to eat it in food (seems to help more with ym fibromyalsia). I got out of the Navy in 1990. Stayed there until 1995. When I got into meth (weed was not a gateway drug though... just bad decisions). I only used it for 3 weeks but, brought on schziphrenia. Run in the family with hard drugs.

I've only grown once for some friends... but, they kept showing more and more people so, I was like NOT. Got rid of it.

I helped to start the "Green Party" in the county I'm in now. I'm not into politics anymore though. Some of them were really radical to me. ...lol. I try to be very open minded and easy going.

With the holidays.. I've been not doing too well but, I'll survive.. waiting on an early package from Santa.. (some cali homegrown nuggs).

If I get it today.. I will take pics and post...