So Suny has asked for the last of the JCB seeds to locate the best possible male and he wants to smoke a female of batgirl if possible.
I had 6 left that have traveled around the world including to Bog and back. BOg was nice enough to return these to me once I was safe and free again with a medical card.

Suny used the other half of this lot to make Lemon Freeze and we decided not to just let these seeds sit around getting older so almost 2 weeks back I germinated them and were off

Lets look at the Veg area.

LOts going on here

JC, Tiny Bomb, OV, SQ, Neanderthal, Soul Cleaner, Sugar Chemo, Candy Store,
Apollo-13, and in the center

All are healthy with one lag behind

Here is the smaller one it just took damn near 5 days fro seed to open and clear!

I'll be topping them soon so stay tuned