I will get Suny and Old Rookie to follow up on this strain. I have not run it myself but I have seen it at Suny's in all stages and smoked a good bit of it.
To me it's a ,ore Sativa version of JC with a nice Berry undertone. Long as tall puffy buds covered in crystals.

Variation is wide but everyone seems to find a Pheno they love.

Here is from the guide intself

Lemon Freeze
This is one Suny worked with on his own. He was so impressed with the size of JCbx and the lemon berry flavor of JCB he decided to kind of mix up two very distinct JC hybrids. The JC brings potency as it does with anything it touches. I am going to have to assume its Vic's massive Blueberry that's adding all the size and girth. The smell is Lemon Berry and I think it has a better smell and flavor than JC bx. It's damn sure bigger than JC f1. The buzz is very Sativa and speedy. It's an extremely tall hybrid so make room and grow her with other Sativa's. Some Phenotypes may go close to 100 days but the normal is around 70 days. Like Haze she has more than one harvest window. This plant is very similar to the lambsbread I smoked in Negril but grown in better conditions. It also has a similar high to Speed Racer a famous JCB Phenotype.

1) Phenotypes-Medium variation in harvest times and Sativa influence.
2) Height- Very Tall
3) Yield- Very Heavy but all in last weeks
4) Indoor
5) Best Way to Grow- Top and bud early
6) Harvest Window-70-100 days
7) Sativa/ Indica 90/10
8) Hybrid- Pluton X Purple Haze X Lambsbread X NL X Jack Herer X Blueberry Back Cross
9)High type- Speedy, trippy, intense, paranoid , motivating, pain relief
10) Lemon berry, hash, tart, Lemon Heads candy
11) Nice Big long Colas!