i recently, by chance came across a couple of posts demanding immidiate feedback (Feel For Me Post) and as soon as i saw it , i replied
now i feel it more appropriate if you wish to get a quicker response from fellow members to post in the appropriate Forum
I do hope you (lil Mary Jane) manage to salvage your remaining plants with The DJ article on Re Green Your Garden
i have many other links to excellent articles saved over the years, and have permission to post 90% of them
a lot of them are over 10 years old , but explain the fundamentals / Foundations, which IMO are of most importance
the other Thread i replied to was in regards to upward leaf curl, again in Chit Chat
Not sure if you sourced the problem as being either a MG deficiency or a Pottasium Deficiency
But , i was mighty impressed by Chronicals Contribution (TEST) which listed ALL Mobile and Immobile Nutrients in Great Detail
i am not sure if the Thread was destined for the FAQ Files , but having a quick link or "Sticky" to such information for those who need to act quickly to save their plants can gain access to, and once pinpointed the problem , post for second opinions from fellow members that have gone through a similar experience
Kind of like a First Aid / Rapid Responders Forum / Help Desk

Just an Idea
i'll give you an example in a sec; EPINASTY GRAPEFRUIT