it appears that rc sold og/cw to gypsy before the shut down of og .
if this is true it makes gypsy and op the biggest scum on the earth .. check this out yall

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A call to Mrs. Baghdadlion
I'll probably get blasted again for posting old news, but here it is off PG.

JJScorpio says:

On Sunday afternoon February 19, 2006 I asked a female that I know to call Mrs Baghdadlion. I asked her to say she was an old friend of Hratch and to say she heard he might be in some legal trouble, and that she hoped he was OK.
Mrs. B, as I will call her, speaks broken english and appears to be a very nice person. She informed my friend that Hratch had not been in trouble, and never has been. In fact, she stated that he was on vacation at the time. When asked about whether police had searched her home or any family members, she stated no. She stated that she would know if this had happened. She did say that she had become afraid of all the telephone calls, and wishes them to stop. I will ask this also.I will not get into it any further, but she reiterated many times that there had been no arrests and she would know if there had been.
I sent an Email to both Gypsy Nirvana and OP yesterday. I told them what I had done, and asked them to be men about this and come clean. I did tell them what I thought about them leaving this poor woman hanging out to dry with all of the phone calls, and told them they should at the very least get her an unlisted number. Needless to say neither Gypsy nor OP bothered to return my calls. I will add, that I notified three people on this site of my call so as to verify it had been made in the event anyone tried to say I was making this up days after.
In closing, while hundreds, if not thousands of people were panicking and tearing down their grows, Hratch, Gypsy and OP have been hiding this and attempting to make money off of "seed donations" for their own cause. I am sure, Hratch is with Gypsy at this time. I now find evidence to support the fact that OG has been transfered to Gypsy two days before the shut down. These three are slimier and scumier then Mark Emery ever has been, and they need to be treated this way. They need their asses kicked everytime they are seen in public. They did more damage in a few days to growing, then the RCMP, the DEA or anyone has done in years. And for what? Money. This is much worse, then the way Gypsy the scumbag ripped off people who thought they were helping victims of the Tsunami. I am asking people to print this anywhere and everywhere they can and to ask people to spread the word. I had guessed this earlier, but I was cut off of posting at IC mag for this reason. Again I ask only one thing. If you see any of these three, suckerpunch them in the face and spit on them. They didnt give us a warning, dont give them one. As far as I am concerned, this is over. The only thing left to do now is to run them off, and make them pay the same way they did so many others. It is now time for all of us to unite and give them what they have coming.....Justice.......