Somehow this was left off so as I am currently running seeds from the second lot I thought I'd get on it. Some of this info exist on other threads but I am typing it live and I like at least one thread on each strain to exist in case anyone interested is as detailed as I am.
OK Lets review why I made JTR! I would like to have Jacks Cleaner in seed form. I have been prompted to STS but I don't believe in it. About 6 years ago I used a Blueberry to outcross the JC to. BOG used some of these seeds to create the famous lifesaver. Two years ago I used the JCB to back cross the JC to and created JC bx. Lost yet? Even though the JC bx kicks ass has won awards and is used in breeding projects it was Not what I was looking for. Also about that time I ran Vic's Space Queen and found it to be some of the best weed I ever smoked. We also found an amazing Space Queen male that Jill used to create Jillybean and we used to create Spacejill.

( Young JTR)