Heya guys.. well its pretty much how the thread is stated.. I would like to purchase a digital slr..I don't have the money as of yet.. preferably with in the next 2 months or so.. and hopefully the price for a d50 will drop..I want this thread to be like a how-to thread on taking good macro pics and over all pics.. and tell us what you use along with some samples of your pic.. I hope this thread or something like this thread will be a sticky.. I don't like scourging everythin to know how to take good pics..

I would like to purchase a d50, but am open to suggestions.. which you may convince me with price and quality of your pics..

Please list what you use in addition to the add-ons (ex. lens tripod bellows or whatever you use).... preferably the exact name and brand so i can ebay it.. if ya can maybe a price range..? i probably will have a budget of 1000.. but really prefer to keep it under 800 maybe about 500-800 USD?.. well you guys be the judge.. bleh such a lengthy post..only cause im a complete noob in photography and have no idea what im sayin lol