West Coast Southern California checking in. I figure I would come out the Shadows and reintroduce myself to you all. I be Blatant. The Cheesy Smarmy lil fukker. Green Thumb Extraordinaire! Been follwin' my pal Tex around looking for a place to hang my hat. And I seem to have found it. Lots of nifty lil Bells and whistles here.
And Hey Gotta Love the Kitty...Smiley?

I'll be active on the Boards as I have plenty of Plan B wares to run thru and Some of Subs gear as well. So pull up a Hammock and light up your Doobage. We's about to Party! So heres a Picture for your thoughts.

So to you I say Good Day!

By the way..... Did I tell you, I Like Cheese!