Ive been having some really good results from my current soil mix so I thought I would share it with everyone.

Its a bit of out of the Box Thinking again (but hey, what else would you expect from me)

All I do is go to several stores and buy 5-6 different non fertilized soils\mixes. Making sure to get as wide a range of ingredients as possible(all soils have an ingredients list) then I take them home and poor all them in a big tote stirring as each brand is added to ensure an even mixture. Then I cut the whole mix by 25% with perlite. (I don't add the usual 40-50% due to the fact that allot of the mixes will contain up to 30% added perilite, sand, or sphagnum Pete moss.) Finally mix it all up again. and Voilà.
I like to let it sit and stew for a couple week before use but have used it right away with out any problems even on seedlings.

Disclaimer (make sure to check your final PH, and adjust to the proper range)