Sadly I found more herm flowers on Pheno #3 so the shortest thickest one is now culled from the heard. I took shots of Pheno #6 today 2/20 and she is even more spectacular than before. I hope it's extremely good because with 2 herm plants in my main bud room I am bound to have seeds which will all have to be tossed in the trash due to there origins. That now has us down to 2 out of 7 females and based on size #6 has the lead and there is a good chance she will not run again so we have now have 1 female to watch and she has been searched from head to toe and she is free of any male flowers at this point. I don't think I have ever seen a cooler looking plant. The buds almost have a Jade like appearance and the contrasting maroon/burgundy just heightens this effect.
It reaks at this point and entering the grow room is a blast of Funk and candy from all the other TGA gear. I will update at day in a few days.

Check this out!

One with flash set high and one set lower