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    Thread: How To Make Hash Oil w/ 91%ISO Alcohol

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      TheNewGuy's Method To Making Hash Oil With 91% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL


      Any Amount of Stems, Leaf, Shake, Bud, Stems From Bags You Bought, or Whatever You Can Extract THC From
      A Mason Jar - I Use A 1 Pint Jam Jar For Small Batches
      91% ISO Alcohol
      12" Tall Pot
      Stove or An Electric Eye Burner (electric is safer)
      Zip-lock Freezer Bag
      Coffee Filter or A Very Fine Mesh Screen
      Pyrex Pan - Flat Bottom (Big Enough To Sit On Top of The 12" Pot)


      These measurements are by volume so you can make as much or as litte as you want. For this pictorial I will use only Two shot glasses full of scrap material to demonstrate any amount can be used to extract fine hash from trash.

      I start by cutting the stalks into 1/4 inch pieces & placing the desired amount of trim into a jar and add alcohol. Simply make sure the alcohol level is higher than the trim to assure that the greens are covered and completely soaked. The better the product the better the hash. If you used this method with buds, you would have a very potent product on your hands.

      After that, shake the jar vigorously for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Remove the lid from the jar and place a coffee filter over the mouth of the jar. Cut a tiny hole in the corner of a zip-lock freezer bag and place the hole directly over the coffee filter or mesh screen. Usually I just cut the corner right off to make the hole.

      NOTE: Shaking any longer than 2 minutes WILL result in Chlorophyll and plant sugars being extracted into the final product, which lowers quality. SHORTER TIMES WILL YIELD BETTER QUALITY OIL!!!

      1 minute borrowed from PigBoy

      SIDE NOTE: Turn the vent fan on and boil a pot of water in a 12 inch high pot. Make sure the water will boil for at least 30 minutes and not boil dry. Also, place the Pyrex pan in a very reachable area as the next step will require Filling the pan.

      Another way to evaporate the alcohol off is to use a fan. some people feel more comfortable with it because there is no flame around the flammable alcohol, & i don't blame them.
      when using a fan it is much harder to remove the hash from the glass because it's not as warm is it would be if it was double boiled. i would imagine that you could throw the pan on top of a pot of boiling water to heat it up so you can remove it.

      Raise it over the Pyrex pan and flip it upside down. Now the shake/stems will flop into the filter and the jar can be removed. You can twist the top of the bag to create a seal so that the alcohol won't go spilling out the top of the bag. Now you should have a zip-lock bag with a drain hole in the corner, with a filter in front of the hole filtering the stems & trim... and the filter should be filled with alcohol covered shake and has started draining into the pan.

      Simply squeeze the bag and the alcohol can be easily extracted from the shake, and drip through the hole in the bag.
      The reason I like the bag method is that you can squeeze the hell out of the shake and not get your hands all covered in alcohol and wasting product. Simply draining the alcohol isn't enough for me, I want every last drop I can get so I squeeze... you can't do that with a strainer system.

      If using stems... be sure you don't squeeze so hard that u punch a hole in the filter!!!

      When the water is boiling and the bag is drained, place the Pyrex
      pan filled with alcohol on top of the boiling pot of water. Monitor closely, make sure to use a low to medium heat. The goal here is to keep the water boiling so the steam lightly heats the pan the helps to speed the evaporation process along. On electric stoves I use the setting 5 and a half for heat.

      Notice the golden rings forming as the alcohol evaporates.

      When the moisture is gone, the pan will be covered in a golden film of hash.
      I use a square pan, because it's easy to scrape clean due to the flat bottom. Rectangular will work nicely also.

      It is easily scraped with a standard razor-blade, and pressed or rolled for smoking. Scrape the hash from the pan using a razor-blade while it's still warm for easy removal. If it cools down, it is harder to scrape up and turn hard as a rock.

      Usually if you just scraped it off the pan, then the hash is going to be very warm & gooey and doesn't come off the razor very easy. A trick I use to get it off the razor and onto some parchment paper is, cool it down in the freezer for 20-30 seconds. You can just stick your arm in there or you can place the blade on the paper and place them both in there for 20-30 seconds, either way it cools down the hash and is more user friendly. Then take another razor blade and scrape it off. I like to roll mine into a tootsie roll shape, or sometimes a ball and store it on tin foil. This product is light, sweet, and VERY potent.

      A second wash extracts too much chlorophyll and plant sugars. It makes the hash all gooey and green tasting. It can be done and is sometimes not too bad, but is always of lower quality.
      Last edited by TheNewGuy; 25th June 2012 at 06:14 PM.

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