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    Thread: Snow hash 101

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      Default Snow hash 101

      hello everyone , i would like to share the cuddy way of making snow hash .
      as hash is a true canna treat , i have always strived to find new ways to increase tricome yield in hash making without loss in quality .

      my technique is a variation on using bubble bags or in my case schwag bags.

      i began making hash about 15 years ago with a homemade tumbler made from a 5 gallon bucket and a webber rotisserie bbq motor . it worked great but i had trouble controlling quality .. i could get great volume with this meathod but that's all .

      one of my friends bought some early bubble bags and that's when it dawned on me to use multi layers of silk screen cloth to control the end product ..
      this info is now nothing new , but what i did learn in the process of making lots of batches is that you need to have the water almost freezing .
      simply using bag ice or ice from your freezer did not get the mix cold enough to relase maxium glands .
      another problem using cube ice is that the sharp edges of the ice became rounded and smooth almost imediately upon mixxing with water .
      so i began experimenting with crushed ice .
      wow crushed ice made a huge increase in yield without loosing any quality but crushing enough ice was very labourous and time consumming when running 32 gallon bubble bags for large batches .
      when it dawned on me that i could use snow , it's free and there is an unlimited supply at the right time of year .
      what i learned using snow is that it gets much colder than using cubed or crushed ice faster and maintains colder temps throughout the process .
      one other benefit and one that i always try to achieve is that again yield went up over using the crushed ice .
      snow in it's nature is in the form of ice crystals with many fine and sharp cutting edges . a cutting edge increase over crushed ice and a huge increase in cutting edges compared to cubed ice .

      here is an outline for making snow hash , i am assuming most already understand the use of bubble bags so i will omit the obvious .

      i start by using only the best quality trim . if it does not have resin on it i dont use it . the old saying quality in quality out is spot on .

      for my small personal batches i use an 4 bag set of schwag bags . i picked the screen sizes that fit my needs . i use a 210 micron to catch the garbage , then a 158 90 and 74 micron's in that order . i dont use the 23 micron final bag cause it end up being silty and not of good quality .

      start by filling an empty 5 gallon bucket about 6 inches deep with snow
      then i use about 2-3 oz of fine shake .

      then fill bucket with more snow and let sit for 30 mins

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