Hi there peeps..

well ive just returned from a 10 hour round trip from our testlabs in europe

'When Pistils went down to the Lab today he couldnt believe his eyes!'

'Jack The Ripper, who he'd known since she was a Nipper, had put on quite some size!'

'She was looking ever so frosty, smelt really musty and her big buds were somwhat of a suprise!'

'Pistils took a closer look, he thought he mistook coz her resin did tantalize'.... lol

Sorry about that was in a singing mood... and ill show you why, i had my Nikon D50 with Nikor 105mm Lense and went to work on JTR... Also popped in and observed some rearrangements of one of the rooms and all the other rooms looking dandy... but first heres the

Jack The Ripper Resin Roadshow