Thus is an old grow, I loved this strain and would reccommend it . Very easy to grow, was in soil obviously under...get this....only 2- 70 watt hps and 3- 50 watt cfls. Still pulled an oz of kind dried and cured. VERY resionous, would be an excellent hash producer.smell> like fresh grapefruit zest

taste> pretty much like it smells, only a little green tasting due to being freshly clipped.

appearance> looks like weed to me.

cure method> y'all will laff at me. Suffice it to say when baking, the top of the stove makes a dandy quick dry method if ya can banish the kids for the duration.

amount smoked> 1/2 a pinner. sorry, no pics. we wuz in a hurry.

effect> started feeling it in the forehead after the second hit. Told katzaye after the 3rd hit to roach it out and we'd wait and see how it was.

Well, it pretty much freakin A rocks, it does, Feeling much better now. Buzz pretty much works its way down from your forehead and temples to the rest of your body.. Kind of a lethargic, really don't wanna do much but enjoy the buzz feeling.. Creeps nicely, get's more intense as time passes.Really getting into some weird vampire movie on sci-fi channel at the moment.

Can't wait till it matures. The trichs were still crystal clear under the glass. She's gonna be the killer jesus when she goes 50/50 cloudy and amber.

UPDATE: suffice it to say she was indeed the killer jesus when mature. I still have some of these beanz and can't wait to run her under bigger lights.